Our mission is to create a 100%

healthy fashion industry

We shake up the industry as a leading example of innovative practices within the world of fashion. We deepen your consumer experience and welcome you on our aesthetic journey.

Ambitious · Transparent · Vigorous.

Consciously designed in Amsterdam.
Fairly produced in Portugal.

We design with a conscious mind. Every single wardrobe piece is effortless, timeless, and resilient. Top-notch natural materials are chosen to create the perfect garment. We aim to find a balance between running our company and doing our part for a better environmental and social footprint. To uphold our principles, we only work with carefully selected factories whom we consider as part of the Aesthetic Stories Family.

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At Aesthetic Stories we make sure you pay a fair price for each and every product. We want to go beyond traditional retail practices. So that everyone can possess a pretty piece with a unique story.


We mainly sell online and in some carefully selected stores:

Amsterdam ; Hutspot – Het Faire Oosten – Studio Jux – Take it Slow
Utrecht ; PUHA
Leiden ; WoW Duurzaam Design
Driebergen ; Lab of Style
Gent ; Cliché
Zürich ; Kari Kari
Linz ; A/T Store