The Journey of Narcissus

Product Details

Name: Ophelia
Style: woven cardigan
SKU: 3194001
Current owner: Aesthetic Stories


Material: 100 % Italian linen
Color: Sand & Black
Fabric type: woven
Thickness: 210 grs/ml
Washing treatment: wash programme 30 degrees


Available sizes: XS, S, M & L
Produced on: to be decided
Number of suppliers for this product: 2

Supplier 01.

Weaving & Deying Mill

Location: north of Italy
Owners: family business
Specialized in: weaving & dyeing
Nr. of employees: 105
Certifications: this information will come up online soon

The weaving and dyeing facility we work with was founded in 1977. The family-based company is located in the northern area of Italy. Italy is known for its high quality materials and luxurious fabrics. The business we work with has very high quality standards and makes beautiful materials among the linen we work with.

Supplier 02.

Woven Factory

Location: north of Portugal
Owners: family business
Specialized in: wovens
Nr. of employees: 75
Certifications: GOTS

The woven factory we work with was founded in 1984. We have met Elsa and Renato about 2 years ago and we felt immediately that this was a good place. They both really think along and produce very high quality items. We visit the factory on a regular basis and it’s always a pleasure to be there.

The factory is highly focused on the quality of their production and they maintain strict quality controls. They look after their employees and create a healthy work environment. Their goal is to maintain a healthy balance between work- and family for all employees. A third party audit from SEDEX – SMETA (Sedex Members’ Ethical Trade Audit) was conducted by SGS Portugal that guarantees their efforts in being a social responsible business.

The journey of

Ophelia has travelled amongst 3 locations.