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Marvelous Mouse

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Name: Marvelous Mouse
Style: knitted sweater
SKU: FW100u87
Current owner: Aesthetic Stories


Material: 100 % extrafine merino wool
Color: Intense Grape & Peony Blue
Knitwear type: flat knitwear – fully fashion
Thickness: gauge 12
Washing treatment: handwash programme 30 degrees


Available sizes: Petite, S, M & L
Produced on: 16-10-2018
Number of suppliers for this product: 3

Marvelous Mouse Aesthetic Stories
Marvelous Mouse

Supplier 01.

Farm of Merino Sheep

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Supplier 02.

Spinning & Deying Mill

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Supplier 03.

Knitwear Factory

Location: north of Portugal
Owner: Antonino
Specialized in: knitwear
Nr. of employees: 10 – 15

The knitwear factory we work with is based in the north of Portugal and is owned by the very friendly Antonino and his wife. It’s a real family business that was founded just a few years ago. Our collection is made of a special knitwear that is hardly produced in Europe anymore since most of it is outsourced to Asia. The factory of Antonino is one of the rare ones that is still producing this beautiful knit.

Antonino and his wife are really dedicated to their business and make every piece with endless love and dedication. Not without success because just one month ago we received the happy news that they moved to a bigger location. They moved to a brand new factory and they are, deservedly, very proud. We really can’t wait to see it!

The journey of
Marvelous Mouse

Marvelous Mouse has travelled amongst 4 locations.

Roasted Coffee

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